Shenzhen @ Chestnut 1984

Shenzhen @ Chestnut 1984

Shenzhen is full of whisky lovers that love whisky – so one Whisky Networking event was never going to be enough.  We just had to find a bar that fulfilled our stringent criteria to ensure all our whisky loving friends were accommodated.  No whisky nonsense, no whisky snobbery and no gouging whisky lovers with over-inflated nonsense prices for short measures.  Ronny was the only person who was prepared to put whisky love before greed and so Chestnut 1984 joined the Oak and Barley Whisky Jamboree.

You can come along to Chestnut on any Tuesday for amazing whisky specials, or you can rock up once a month to the Shenzhen Whisky Networking event.  Whisky Networking at Chestnut 1984 is always on a Saturday to cater for those whisky lovers that can’t make the Friday event at Tino’s.

Oh, and did we mention that all whisky events at Chestnut 1984 are free?  Well, now you know.  Just come along and enjoy.

Here’s a list of upcoming events.

Saturday 8th June – click here to reserve your FREE place

Saturday 6th July – click here to reserve your FREE place.

Here are a few snaps from previous events.

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