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Connor McGregor Under Scrutiny

Connor McGregor, former Mixed Martial Arts World Champion, and larger than life media personality, has come under scrutiny for his attempts to leverage his massive social media base to sell Irish Whiskey.

Announceed in September 2018 in typical McGregor style, challenging Jameson for their top spot as the number one selling Irish whiskey, Proper No 12 (as it’s officially called) is contract distilled by Proximo Spirits (owners of the Old Bushmills Distillery).  The marketing hype pitches it as the result of creating about 100 diffreent blends to come up with the Proper No 12 product, with the process apparently led by David Elder of Proximo Spirits.  With more than 40 million followers on social media to support anything relating to McGregor, it was expected to be a huge hit globally.

Proximo + Old Bushmills Distillery + David Elder + The Notorious Connor McGregor = $$$$$$$$ right?  So what’s the problem?  We spoke to leading  expert, Whiskey Jaysus to find out what the noise was all about

Whisky Jaysus

It’s PROPER SHITE, that’s what’s wrong with it.  Irish whiskey is a unique and distinctive drink that has been crafted with hundreds of years of history in it, with skills handed down from father to son, generation to generation.  It’s one of the fastest growing categories of alcohol in the world today and was on track to eventually start giving the jocks a good run for their money.  Now, with this bottle of shite embarrassing us, they’re laughing their heads off across the Irish sea.

That lad has turned Irish whiskey into a pantomime.  Slagging off about good old steadfast drams like Jameson and peddling out his bottle of shite to all his interwebs fans, most of which are chiseler’s and too young to drink whiskey anyway.  When that jackeen started throwing shapes about his own whiskey, we all thought he was codding us all.  To be sure he wasn’t joking, the eejit has put on a holy show and starting selling bottles of shite.

Have you tried it?  It dont’ taste like whiskey to anyone that still has a tongue in their mouth.  It tastes like that grain stuff in the aftershave bottle that there metrosexual footballer with the tarty wife used to sell.  Haines or Hughes or whatever it was it’t not important, the point is it’s SHITE.

He should be made to walk around Dublin in a sack clothe with an ash cross on his forehead to repent his sins.

In the meantime, Proper Number 12, has still to arrive in China.  When and if it does, we’ll be reviewing it for you and giving a slightly more balanced view on this whiskey.

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